Molecular Sieves TYPE 13X

Molecular Sieves TYPE 13X
Molecular Sieves TYPE 13X
Product Description

Molecular Sieves TYPE-13X (MS-13)

We are engaged in the formulation of quality bulk adsorbent such as 13x molecular sieve. Processed using finest quality ingredients it is widely used to adsorb molecules of larger critical diameters, such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons. Our sieve finds wide application in, co-adsorption of CO2 andH2O, H2O and H2S, as desiccant for medical and air compressor systems. Any molecule on molecular sieves 3Ao, 4Ao and 5Ao can be easily adsorbed on 13x.

The molecular sieves type-13x (MS-13) comes to be the porous carbon skeletal framework that comes left behind after the pyrolysis of various polymeric precursors. Our Molecular Sieves offers excellent porous qualities that stay static after years of utility. We make use of our product to utilize very tiny molecule size compounds of the C2- C5.

Product Details:

(A) SIZE & SHAPE: (Pore Dia.:10Ao)

3 mm Pellets. 2-4mm. Balls


1. Bed crushing strength,% = 80min.

2. Loss on attrition,% = 0. 5max.


1. Tapped bulk density,kg/m³ = 550-600/ 650-700

2. Static equilibrium water adsorption capacity,%

at 15RH: 20-22%

at 75RH: 24-27%

Benzene adsorption Capacity: 30-35%

3. Free moisture: = 2%max


The above material supplied meets the specifications of our Grade MS-13X.
Life of molecular sieves is largely dependent upon operating conditions and contaminant levels.


Na2O : 21.8 % Al2O3 : 19.9% SiO2 : 58.2%


1 Type: 13X
2 Form:
3 Size: 3 mm Dia.
4 Bed crushing strength: % 85.00%
5 Ind. Pellet CS,avg.of 20 pellets - Kgs 8.3 kgs
6 Loss on attrition: (Wear rate) Hard surface % (Tumbling & rotation method) 0.37%
1 Water adsorption at 75%RH &30oC. - % 24.90%
2 Water adsorption at 15%RH &30oC. - % 21.90%
3 Thermal stability at 600oC, adsorption - % 24.90%
4 Benzene & other toxic gases adsorption capacity - % 32.50%
5 Mercaptan removal - % 7.00%
6 Free moisture at 120oC. - % 1.20%
7 Tapped Bulk density kg/m3 670
8 Loss on Ignition (900oC) - % 1.70%

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